Local Cryotherapy 6-pack

Local Cryotherapy 6-pack

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Localized Cryotherapy targets a specific area of the body to treat inflammation due to injury. Post-surgery or chronic pain spot treatments can also help heal incision areas and reduce swelling.

Local cryo quick facts

  • Spot treatment sessions will last 10 minutes
  • For post-injury or surgery treatment, we recommend 3-5 sessions
  • For best results use in conjunction with Whole Body Cryotherapy

The CryoFacial™ is a unique treatment that focuses on tightening and softening the skin, while reducing inflammation. By naturally stimulating collagen growth, CryoFacial™ gives individuals skin that looks and feels younger. Each session lasts 20 minutes, much shorter than a traditional facial, so we can get you glowing in no time.

CryoFacial™ Benefits

  • All natural, no invasive chemicals
  • Can help with chronic skin conditions (psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema)
  • Weekly CryoFacial™ treatment is recommended and proven safe for a period of 5 weeks