Safety Razor + 10 Refill Blades

Safety Razor + 10 Refill Blades

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Looking for the closest shave of your life? Look no further than these 100% stainless steel safety razors. They may look scary, but they’re called safety razors for a reason. Get smooth skin, sustainably, and save money all at once.

Still not convinced? Check out our founder’s review after her first experience using one.

Ethical Guarantees
Give-back Program
Made in the USA

Store in a dry space and allow to dry. If rust develops, soak in vinegar and baking soda and wipe clean.

For a more detailed care guide, check out the Safety Razor Care + Maintenance 101 blog post.

End of Life
Blades: Return to Albatross for recycling. Details can be found here. If you are local to Tacoma, you can also return to blades to us, and we will send them back to Albatross for you.

Please do not throw your blades in your curbside recycling; this can be hazardous for the people working in the recycling facility.

Body: This stainless steel body should last generations. If for some reason you find yourself needing to dispose of it, it can be fully recycled.